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Examples of Value Added Services

Value-added Services

Oil-Air Products LLC Value-added Services are designed to strengthen your business operations, reduce your operating costs and increase your bottom line. We have extensive experience in the value added process and work closely with our customers to provide a customized solution that is right for you.

We employ rigorous quality standards in evaluating the products we provide, manufacturers we represent and services we deliver. Our goal is to always exceed customer expectations. Here are some of the value-added programs that are available to Oil-Air Product LLC customers:

  • MRP/production cycle analysis
  • Point of use delivery
  • Just in time (JIT) delivery
  • Customized kit forming
  • Returnable containers
  • Complete sub-assembly fabrication
  • Bin fill systems
  • Kanban systems
  • Emergency delivery services
  • Logistic support
  • Barcoding
  • EDI / EFT
  • Prototype plumbing
  • Training/safe hydraulics training
  • Warranty reduction initiatives
  • Turn analysis reporting