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Hose Assembly Fabrication

Oil-Air Products is one of the largest fabricators of hydraulic hose assemblies in the Midwest. Our experience, quality of work and attention to detail is unmatched in the industry. We offer a wide range of hoses with a variety of pressure ratings and temperature capabilities that can meet your unique application requirements. We have fabrication capability in our corporate facility in Plymouth, MN and a fabrication facility in Willmar, MN intended solely for the fabrication of hydraulic hose assemblies.

Contamination can harm and shorten the life of today’s fluid systems. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization since 2003, Oil-Air Products performs continual cleanliness testing to improve cleanliness processes and ensure that our customers are receiving the highest level of hose cleanliness. We are well versed in gravimetric and ISO particle counting procedures and have a testing facility on site to continue improvement to our fabrication processes and meet and exceed our customer cleanliness demands.

Oil-Air Products also specializes in adding value to the hose assembly fabrication process. Each hose assembly is inkjet labeled with a customer part number and manufactured date. Each hose assembly is capped to ensure contamination does not enter into the hose assembly prior to installation. We offer customized hose kit solutions, returnable containers, point of use delivery, JIT and more intended solely to reduce customer operating and installation costs.

Take advantage of our experience and expertise and put the POWER of the Oil-Air Products team to work for you!